Taxi Piracy in our areas.

 taxi-pirateThe recent taxi crisis in the West New York, North Bergen and Guttenberg areas have put on the table one of the main problems in the sector. The proliferation of piracy. The professionals point to the increase in illegal taxi drivers as one of the problems and have called for urgent measures to put an end to this problem.

This type of practices is causing the sector to fall. A self-employed person does not pay to work because we can not compete with these people.

We need a solution. It is true that in this areas there are too many taxis and we must work to reduce the number of licenses. This can be achieve without cheating on the part of the administration because it would not make sense to reduce the cars but leave the illegal cars the same. Taxi Companies that highlights the need to “act against piracy”.

In the same way, users should be responsible and be aware that when entering a vehicle it must take the appropriate safety measures. The correct taximeter (where required) and the appropriate Company signs.

The rush and the lack of precaution are bad advisors and that happens when you taking a taxi. You don’t realize in which vehicle you getting into. This can put your pocket and the user’s safety at risk. Many of these illegal taxis, take advantage of people who leave the bars drunk and fall into the hands of these opportunists and are stripped of their belongings.

Authorities haven’t take actions against this practices and I hope some day we can have justice.

We hope that the authorities will realize the situation and take pertinent measures to this problem.  This will bring benefit of all, both users and taxi drivers