In popular jargon we have always heard about the University of life. Taxi drivers are the clearest example of this. Currants from sun to sun, direct contact with the public 24/7. Tireless and extensive talk, patient and educated ears until proven otherwise.

In my opinion they are a true ambassador of the place where they live. They have the ability to help and guide all tourists who visit the city. One of the means of transport most used by people today is the cab service, not only for the efficiency and speed of its service. Also free of unnecessary queues and waiting.

I  realized that the cab service plays an important role in tourism. They are usually the first to have contact with tourists.  I have good memories of countries such as Colombia due to good cab service, treatment and valuable information. I got the local taxi drivers about the different tourist places in the city.

In conclusion, highlight the work of taxi drivers who take us and bring us to the places we chose or need to go. They listen to you, they give you their opinion and they serve you as a driver, that is if you do not forget to pay.